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Who we are?

Association of Translators, Interpreters, and Translation Companies (APTITC) registered on July 19th, 2018 in the Astana Department of Justice is a non-profit organization uniting translation companies, education state and private institutions, full-time and freelance translators and interpreters, and everyone interested in the development of the translation and interpreting industry in Kazakhstan on a voluntary basis.


  • To become a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience for the entire translation and interpreting community
  • To protect the interests of language  service providers in the Kazakh market,
  • To develop a legal framework and professional standards regulating  the language industry (interpreters, translators, sworn translators and interpreters, editors, proof-readers, reviewers,  tourist guides, terminologists, etc.),
  • To promote professional ethics and standards,
  • To raise public awareness of the importance and value of the profession.

Strategic vision

By 2020, APTITC sees itself as the main public organization focused on collaboration among professional translators, interpreters, research community and academia in the field of translation in Kazakhstan as well as a leading center of standardization in the translation and interpretation industry.

Main objective

To lay down a sound foundation for the creation of a civilized language service market  by solving the following tasks:

1) elaboration of the legal framework and professional standards for Language Service Providers,

2) elaboration of a professional ethics code and promotion of ethical standards of behavior of the Language  Service Providers to prevent unhealthy competition, dumping and unethical behavior in the language service market,

3) representation and protection of the interests of its members,

4) facilitating institutional contacts with other associations and public authorities, both in Kazakhstan and abroad, in order to protect the profession of a translator,

5) contributing to the training and professional development of translators, interpreters and other specialists of the language service industry through trainings, conferences, seminars, meetings, and publications,

6) participation in sectorial conferences, events and meetings on behalf of its members with the right of consultative vote,

7) continuous communication with the APTITC members on professional, educational and social issues.