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Social projects

Charity  Project «Hope»: Translation of Medical Documents for Children with Cancer

Project Relevancy: In Kazakhstan, the number of children with cancer is growing every year. Their treatment is carried out by the best doctors. Moreover, oncological  treatment and diagnostics are completely free of charge. However, parents often decide to send their children abroad for treatment. And this entails huge financial costs related  not only with the children’s stay in the hospital of a foreign country and payment for the medications required but to the translation of piles of documents into a foreign language.

Purpose of the Project: to act as a platform for providing translation services by the APTITC members and volunteers:

  • within their competencies and capabilities,
  • free of charge,
  • base don the crowdsourcing principle

for the families sending their children with cancer for the treatment abroad.

Project Participants are translators and interpreters, translation companies, students, teachers  – members of the APTITC and volunteering non-members.

Beneficiaries of the Project: children with cancer and their families.

More detailed information on how to become a beneficiary of or to contribute to the Hope Project : +7 701 487 76 31 (Anna).